Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019

Last updated: 4/11/18

Boston Public Schools

We welcome the children of this city into the Boston Public Schools, where effective teaching and learning prepare all of our students to achieve at high levels, and where the entire community works together to focus on children.

Laura Perille, Interim Superintendent, Appropriation 101

Appropriations by Program

Program Name FY16 Actual FY17 Actual FY18 Budget FY19 Budget
General School Purposes 1,016,278,852 1,031,628,517 1,093,310,751 1,112,248,805
Total 1,016,278,852 1,031,628,517 1,093,310,751 1,112,248,805

Department trends by program

Boston Public Schools
Operating Budget Over Time

Department budget by account

title FY16 Expenditure FY17 Expenditure FY18 Appropriation FY19 Adopted Inc/Dec 18 vs 19
Personnel Services 798,232,564 816,619,384 866,042,329 880,876,254 14,833,925
Contractual Services 191,537,746 184,973,365 178,239,799 184,569,337 6,329,538
Supplies & Materials 7,411,493 8,490,401 6,912,732 9,204,008 2,291,276
Current Chgs & Oblig 5,585,542 6,358,528 30,507,644 28,570,456 -1,937,188
Equipment 12,785,846 14,710,994 10,722,171 8,125,506 -2,596,665
Other 725,661 475,845 886,076 0 -886,076
Total 1,016,278,852 1,031,628,517 1,093,310,751 1,111,345,561 18,034,810

Department trends by account

Boston Public Schools
Operating Budget Over Time
Boston Public Schools FY18
Operating Budget by Account
Personnel Services
Contractual Services
Supplies & Materials
Current Chgs & Oblig

Boston Public Schools
Performance Goals

General School Purposes
  • BPS will provide rigorous, effective, and engaging curriculum, instruction, and enrichment
  • To graduate all students from high school prepared for college and career success

Boston Public Schools
External Funds Projects

Formula Grants
Formula grants are funds received through federal or state programs that provide assistance for educational services for low income, minority, and special needs students. Levels of funding are established through a predetermined formula that considers the amount of legislative appropriation and the number of students eligible for the program. Federal formula grants include the Title I, Title II, and IDEA grants. MCAS support/Academic support is a state formula grant.

Competitive Grants
Competitive grants are funds received through open competition with other school districts and non-profit organizations. The grant providers establish the levels of funding. The use of these funds is determined through local planning, which typically aims to advance local priorities while meeting the funding requirements.

Reimbursement funds are resources received by the local school districts as compensation for costs incurred by certain programs. Reimbursement programs include the Department of Agriculture’s School Lunch Program and Summer Food Program.

Revolving Funds and Other Grants
Additional resources are received through revolving funds and other grants. These include funds raised through the Boston Education Development Foundation, and the Homeless Student Initiative.

Boston Public Schools - Authorizing Statutes

  • Rev. St. 1647, ch. 23, § 10 Rev. St.
  • General Laws and Liberties of the Massachusetts Colony (1672).
  • Massachusetts Constitution, Mass. Const. part II ch. 5, § 2.
  • Boston City Charter, 1821 Mass. Acts ch. 110, §19.
  • 1987 Mass. Acts ch. 613.
  • 1991 Mass. Acts ch. 108.
  • Education Reform Act, 1993 Mass. Acts ch. 71, as amended.