Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019

Last updated: 7/1/18

Putting data analytics to work

The Citywide Analytics Team was created in 2015.

The team has worked with nearly every department to identify opportunities for improvement through the use of data. This work had led to a number of successes.

Analytics work

  • Launching the City of Boston’s second-generation open data portal, Analyze Boston. The site curates more than a hundred datasets and pairs them with tools for data exploration and analysis
  • Implementing algorithms to generate a prioritized list of rental unit inspections for the Inspectional Services Department
  • Conducting analyses and developing maps and applications in support of Imagine Boston 2030, Climate Ready Boston, BuildBPS, and other strategic planning initiatives
  • Developing a new basemap for Boston that allows users to see the City in three dimensions, used by the Boston Planning and Development Agency to understand the impact of new development on the City’s skyline and conduct shadow studies
  • Making great strides toward moving more of our data infrastructure to the Cloud with the goal of developing a platform that combines modern, scalable, data warehousing technology with tools that make it easier for staff to develop and use the data we collect
  • Implementing the FY18 Community Assistance Team pilot program in conjunction with Boston EMS.
Analytics work in FY19

In FY19, the Analytics Team will continue to build on its infrastructure investments by undertaking additional development of its data warehousing, data science, open data, GIS, and performance management platforms. This work will expand the team’s own capabilities and capacity, provide a more efficient and user-friendly toolkit for analysts across departments, and enable greater transparency and accessibility for constituents who benefit from the City’s data resources.

Future work

In the future, these efforts will give the City new resources to more efficiently:

  • process 311 requests and resident feedback;
  • protect the health and safety of firefighters and police officers;
  • help students at risk of failing or dropping out of school; and
  • promote safe, affordable, and accessible housing for all residents.