Fiscal Year 2018 Budget

Beginning July 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2018

Last updated: 4/13/17

Improving City services through CityScore

Launched in 2016, CityScore® is a tool designed to inform the Mayor, City managers, and the public about quality of life and the performance of City government by aggregating key performance metrics into one number.

Over the course of FY17, CityScore has contributed to a number of City achievements.

CityScore achievements

  • A 10% increase in the number of traffic signals repaired, resulting in safer and more efficient streets;
  • A 5% increase in the average number of calls answered within 30 seconds at the 311 Call Center, resulting in more expedient customer service for those interacting with the City; and
  • A 6% increase in the speedy removal of graffiti, helping to beautify our neighborhoods.

In addition to assisting with improving services, the City launched a new, user-friendly website allowing the public to track the City’s score.

In FY18, the City will continue to develop and expand CityScore by incorporating additional metrics and identifying new opportunities to improve the quality of life for those in Boston.