Fiscal Year 2018 Budget

Beginning July 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2018

Last updated: 4/13/17

Recruiting a diverse police force

In November of 2016, Mayor Walsh and Police Commissioner Evans swore in the first class of Police Cadets since 2009, a training program for Boston's youth seeking a career in law enforcement.

Building on the success of recruiting a diverse class of 42 included 74% cadets of color and 36% female cadets, Mayor Walsh’s FY18 budget adds another class, for a total of about 60 cadets.

Creating a stable pipeline

Cadet classes

This addition of 20 cadets provides a stable pipeline of diverse young people for future police officer classes. Once cadets have served for two years (and pass other requirements), they are eligible to join the next Police recruit class.

Up to 30% of a given recruit class can be made up of cadets, thus providing a route for local young people to join the force.

The current class of cadets will be eligible to join the recruit classes of FY19 and FY20, while the FY18 cadet class of 20 will be eligible to join the recruit class of FY21.