Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019

Last updated: 7/1/18

External funds

The City’s $3.29 billion operating budget is supplemented by approximately $350 million in external funds. These funds consist mainly of federal, state, and private funding earmarked for specific purposes.

Education, housing, economic development, public health and public safety are some of the largest areas for which these funds are targeted.


Departments and external funding

Twenty-six departments and agencies expect to receive federal, state or other forms of external funding in FY19. Over 92% of the City’s external funds are found in eight of those twenty-six departments. These eight departments are:

  • Boston Public Schools;
  • Neighborhood Development;
  • Public Health Commission;
  • Treasury Department;
  • Emergency Management;
  • Police;
  • Library; and
  • the Elderly Commission.

Other departments that also have significant grant funding are the Office of Economic Development and the Fire Department. Descriptions and amounts of grants by department can be found on department pages.

Federal grants

Federal grants have historically provided funding for key City priorities for education, community development, and services for seniors. Boston Public Schools, the Department of Neighborhood Development (DND), and the Elderly Commission have been the traditional recipients of recurring entitlement grants provided by the federal government.

Proposed federal budget cuts

Although proposed federal budget cuts open questions about future levels of funding for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnership, this budget assumes that DND will continue to receive these recurring federal entitlement grants, which provide funding for a variety of neighborhood development activities. The City will advocate that these critical programs are maintained in the federal budget. Other sources of federal funding received by the City are used to address diverse needs and/or creative approaches for homeland security, community policing and housing support for the homeless.

Department FY17 Expenditure FY18 Estimated FY19 Estimated
Boston Public Schools 138,414,193 137,222,603 141,889,983
Neighborhood Development 89,454,325 62,022,708 83,892,292
Public Health Commission 49,051,487 41,717,478 46,515,679
Treasury Department 0 18,180,001 23,861,250
Emergency Management 14,069,475 11,164,466 12,347,728
Police Department 10,502,260 15,547,590 8,990,677
Library Department 9,332,170 8,843,340 8,738,756
Elderly Commission 6,580,517 7,047,534 6,643,278
Other 29,998,122 31,494,031 27,737,284
Total 347,402,549 333,239,752 360,616,927