Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019

Last updated: 7/1/18

Preparing for climate change

As part of Boston’s implementation of Imagine Boston 2030, Mayor Walsh’s FY19-23 Capital Plan includes investments to support a healthy environment, reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and prepare for climate change.

  • Building on the success of the first phase of Climate Ready Boston in East Boston and Charlestown, the capital plan will allocate an additional $1.6 million to further resiliency initiatives to protect the city and provide more detailed reviews of additional neighborhoods.
  • Boston will spend an additional $150,000 to update its Climate Action Plan for the third time in FY19, a vital step to ensure the city stays ahead of rapidly accelerating climate change.
  • The City is investing in the implementation of nation-leading city ordinances for Community Choice Aggregation and single-use bags that will help beautify our city and lower emissions.
  • The City will purchase a deployable floodwall for the East Boston Greenway to help mitigate damage related to coastal storms.

Renew Boston Trust

The Renew Boston Trust was launched during the Walsh Administration and has systematically identified energy projects in the City’s 315 buildings to both lower energy bills and reduce emissions. The City finances the program through general obligation bonds and utilities efficiency incentives, and it will be paid for from reduced energy consumption at City departments. A $12 million Phase 1 is set to begin construction this year, and the FY19-23 capital plan will nearly triple the size of the program to $35 million in Phase 2.