Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019

Last updated: 7/1/18

City Services

City Services such as Police, Fire, Public Works, Housing, Public Health, and other central funds are projected to increase by a total of $42.9 million (3.1%).

Public safety costs are rising by 3.0% in FY19. The appropriation for the Public Health Commission is growing by 6.8% with a significant increase in EMS services and full funding for a permanent engagement center in response to substance issues.

Other City departments

The majority of departments had employees who reached agreement on collective bargaining contracts, so department growth reflects those wage and cost of living increases, while outstanding contracts are reserved centrally.

Average department growth is projected to be 3.2% in FY19.
Funding for unsettled City and BPS collective bargaining contracts are centralized in a $38.4 million collective bargaining reserve.

To make targeted investments, the City is pursuing smart savings initiatives in the FY19 Budget:

Reforms and savings

  • Managing overtime continues to be a priority. Although overtime budgets will increase due to collective bargaining wage increases, the budgeted hours have been established at achievable levels and are intended to produce an estimated $6.9 million in savings.
  • Boston will realize $11.6 million in avoided health care costs in FY19, $1.5 million of which are related to FY19 specific changes.
  • City departments and the Public Health Commission include a combined $10 million in maintenance budget savings in FY19.
  • Continuing the practice proactive review, the City eliminated long-term vacant positions from the budget in FY19 for $400,000 in savings.
  • Having realized savings by bringing street sweeping in West Roxbury in-house in FY18, Hyde Park street sweeping will be done in-house in FY19 saving $145,000.

Through these efforts, the FY19 budget avoids significant costs and reinvests savings into valuable programs and investments.