Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019

Last updated: 4/11/18


Initiatives to support an accessible multimodal transportation system that gets Bostonians where they need to go reliably and safely.

Mayor Walsh’s FY19-23 Capital Plan, drawing on City, State and Federal sources, will invest $967 million implementing the core initiatives outlined in Go Boston 2030. Pursuant to Go Boston 2030, Boston will strive for streets that are safer for all users of our roads, bridges, and sidewalks, particularly pedestrians and cyclists; travel that is more reliable and predictable, and quality transportation choices that improve access, to interconnect our neighborhoods for all modes of travel. Driven by these core goals of safety, reliability, and access, the Capital Plan focuses on key investments.

The Capital Plan makes critical investments to improve safety for Boston’s most vulnerable street users with a focus on roadway corridors, safe crossings, and traffic calming on residential streets and in small-business districts. In FY19, the City will increase planned expenditures for the Walkable Streets program by $750,000 making a total investment of $1,750,000. The Vision Zero program, funded for FY19 at $3.9 million, will make targeted safety improvements at corridors and intersections with known safety challenges, and to traffic-calm residential streets. This Capital Plan notably invests in the transformation of North Square, Quincy Street, New England Avenue, Boylston Street, and the five neighborhoods selected last year for the Neighborhood Slow Streets initiative and supports the completion of 15 Neigbhorhood Slow Streets over the next four years. The Plan also sets aside funding for long-term investment in other Main Street business districts across the city.

To improve safety and expand access to Boston’s streets, Boston launched a citywide, multi-year campaign to bring all crosswalks, lane markings, and bike lanes into a state of good repair, using a combination of operating and capital resources. As Boston works to expand access to make neighborhoods interconnected for all modes of travel, including driving, cycling, and walking, it is important to ensure that our roadways are designed to maximize the safety of such modes of travel. Clear lane markings including crosswalks, "Don't Block the Box" markings at key intersections, and well-marked bike lanes with appropriate insignia, all help reduce collisions, making our roadways safer for all users.

The Capital Plan invests in design and provides matching funds to unlock hundreds of millions of additional federal and state investment to transform key corridors in the city. The designs will focus primarily on stress-free walking, protected bicycling, and better accommodating public transportation. It also puts an additional emphasis on improving the street infrastructure in parallel with new housing investment in some of our neighborhoods. Key corridors include Melnea Cass Boulevard, Commonwealth Avenue, Boylston Street, Columbia Road, the Sullivan Square - Rutherford Avenue - North Washington Street corridor, and street designs for the Boston Planning and Development Agency’s PLAN initiatives in Jamaica Plain/ Roxbury and on Dorchester Avenue. The Capital Plan focuses on adding protected bicycle lanes on every “Great Streets” project, and on off-street Green Links pathways such as the Fenway-Roxbury Connector, South Bay Harbor Trail, and Connect Historic Boston, all complemented by a FY19 $1.25 million investment in the Strategic Bicycle Network which will help support 15 miles of new protected bike lanes over the next four years.

Through the FY19-23 Capital Plan, the City will also increase investments in bridges, roads, sidewalks, off-street paths, street lighting, and building facilities that are essential to the high-quality delivery of services. In FY19, the City proposes investing an additional $3.0 million in its annual road resurfacing and sidewalk programs. In addition to the transformation of the North Washington Street Bridge, this Capital Plan invests in upgrades to other bridges including the Dana Avenue Bridge in Hyde Park, the Northern Avenue Bridge, and a new Long Island Bridge in an effort to bring all bridges to a state of good repair by 2030. Using City Capital and Chapter 90 funding from the Commonwealth, Boston will continue necessary road and sidewalk resurfacing and reconstruction projects. Finally, Boston will continue to invest in ADA ramps and signals, and well-lit streets. All told this will allow Boston to make improvements to 15 of the most challenging intersections across the City.

Transportation - Active Projects

Department Project Location Status FY19 Projected Total
Boston Planning and Development Agency RFMP Black Falcon Avenue and Terminal Street South Boston To Be Scheduled 1,000,000 1,400,000
Boston Planning and Development Agency South Boston Dorchester Avenue Transportation Study South Boston New Project 0 250,000
Boston Planning and Development Agency Strategic Planning Area Transportation Study Various neighborhoods Study Underway 50,000 250,000
Public Works Department ADA/AAB Pedestrian Ramps Citywide Annual Program 1,600,000 9,600,000
Public Works Department Alford Street Bridge Charlestown In Construction 7,950,000 81,700,000
Public Works Department Amory Street Extension Roxbury New Project 200,000 1,000,000
Public Works Department Beach Street Financial District/Downtown In Design 1,350,000 1,925,000
Public Works Department Boylston Street Sidewalks Back Bay In Design 500,000 2,261,000
Public Works Department Bridge Repairs Citywide Annual Program 2,000,000 15,000,000
Public Works Department Cambridge Street Bridge Charlestown To Be Scheduled 1,650,000 2,750,000
Public Works Department Central Maintenance Facility Complex South End In Design 1,510,000 18,166,588
Public Works Department Choice Neighborhood Roxbury In Design 2,000,000 5,010,000
Public Works Department Commonwealth Avenue Phase 2A Allston/Brighton In Construction 170,913 20,066,250
Public Works Department Commonwealth Avenue Phase 3 and 4 Allston/Brighton In Design 10,000 2,900,000
Public Works Department Congress Street South Boston To Be Scheduled 250,000 250,000
Public Works Department Connect Historic Boston Various neighborhoods In Construction 529,481 29,293,700
Public Works Department Cummins Highway Mattapan New Project 100,000 4,000,000
Public Works Department Dalton Street Bridge Back Bay To Be Scheduled 150,000 600,000
Public Works Department Dana Avenue Bridge Hyde Park New Project 2,000,000 5,000,000
Public Works Department Downtown Crossing Financial District/Downtown New Project 250,000 500,000
Public Works Department Emerald Necklace Various neighborhoods New Project 100,000 300,000
Public Works Department Long Island Bridge Replacement Harbor Islands In Design 9,000,000 108,758,144
Public Works Department Massachusetts Avenue Bridge at Commonwealth Avenue Back Bay In Construction 300,000 18,319,769
Public Works Department McArdle Bridge East Boston To Be Scheduled 500,000 3,000,000
Public Works Department New England Avenue Dorchester New Project 400,000 1,500,000
Public Works Department North Square North End In Construction 950,000 2,500,000
Public Works Department North Washington Street Bridge Charlestown In Design 6,700,000 218,957,519
Public Works Department Northern Avenue Bridge South Boston New Project 2,500,000 100,000,000
Public Works Department Retaining Walls Citywide Annual Program 200,000 1,200,000
Public Works Department Roadway Reconstruction and Resurfacing Citywide Annual Program 13,750,000 66,750,000
Public Works Department Ruggles Street Roxbury To Be Scheduled 200,000 1,800,000
Public Works Department Sidewalk Reconstruction Citywide Annual Program 7,000,000 41,050,000
Public Works Department State Street Financial District/Downtown New Project 100,000 1,500,000
Public Works Department Street Lighting Installation Citywide Annual Program 1,000,000 20,147,167
Public Works Department Sullivan Square / Rutherford Avenue Charlestown In Design 900,000 14,759,403
Public Works Department Summer Street South Boston In Construction 2,500,000 7,400,000
Public Works Department Walkable Streets Various neighborhoods Annual Program 1,750,000 8,000,000
Transportation Department 300 Frontage Road Improvements South Boston In Design 400,000 463,807
Transportation Department Accessible Pedestrian Signals Citywide Annual Program 250,000 1,831,088
Transportation Department Bowdoin Street/Geneva Avenue Study Dorchester To Be Scheduled 50,000 100,000
Transportation Department BTD Tow Lot Facility South Boston In Construction 0 3,800,000
Transportation Department Centre Street / South Street Jamaica Plain In Design 0 400,000
Transportation Department Crosswalk and Lane Marking Revitalization Citywide In Construction 2,640,000 4,650,000
Transportation Department Fenway Longwood Kenmore Improvements Fenway/Kenmore In Construction 475,074 7,987,722
Transportation Department Melnea Cass Boulevard Roxbury In Design 350,000 27,640,000
Transportation Department Municipal Parking Lots Citywide Annual Program 300,000 2,856,226
Transportation Department Operations Center at 12 Channel Street South Boston New Project 175,000 2,500,000
Transportation Department South Bay Harbor Trail South End In Design 96,505 4,233,000
Transportation Department Strategic Bicycle Network Project Citywide Annual Program 1,250,000 4,850,000
Transportation Department Transportation Planning Citywide Annual Program 300,000 2,898,849
Transportation Department Vision Zero Various neighborhoods Annual Program 3,900,000 18,922,192
Transportation Department Warren Street and Blue Hill Avenue Roxbury In Design 572,165 3,343,974
Category total 81,879,138 904,341,398