Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019

Last updated: 4/11/18

Transportation Department

The mission of the Boston Transportation Department is to promote public safety, manage the City's transportation network, and enhance the quality of life for residents of our City neighborhoods. Accomplishment of our mission is ensured through the use of planning, coordinated engineering, education and enforcement. The Transportation Department strives to improve circulation in and around the City, enhance public transportation services, gain efficiencies in the management of parking resources, adjudicate and collect fines, collaborate with relevant agencies and encourage the use of alternate transportation modes.

Gina Fiandaca, Commissioner
This Capital Plan invests deeply in the core goals of Go Boston 2030: streets that are safer for all users of our roads and sidewalks, particularly pedestrians and cyclists; travel that is more reliable and predictable, and quality transportation choices that improve access to interconnect Boston neighborhoods for all modes of travel.

FY19 Major Initiatives

  • Vision Zero will continue to deliver targeted safety improvements in both our residential neighborhoods and along some of our most challenging corridors.
  • A citywide, multi-year campaign to bring all painted crosswalks, lane markings, and bike lanes into a state of good repair continues this year.
  • Implement Neighborhood Slow Streets projects in Chinatown, Grove Hall/Quincy Corridor (Dorchester and Roxbury), Highland Park (Roxbury), Mount Hope/Canterbury Street (Roslindale), and West of Washington Coalition (Dorchester).
  • Design of the reconstruction of Melnea Cass Boulevard will continue.
  • The addition of protected bicycle lanes on “Great Streets” projects by continuing and increasing the annual investment in the Strategic Bicycle Network
  • New traffic safety improvements are scheduled at Father Hart Bridge and Wolcott Square in Hyde Park.
  • A multi-year effort begins that will renew all painted crosswalks, lane markings, and bike lanes.

Transportation Department - Active Projects

Category Project Location Status FY19 Projected Total
Economy Dudley Street Roxbury In Design 1,600,000 9,000,000
Open Space Green Links Various Neighborhoods New Project 100,000 400,000
Technology Father Hart Bridge Traffic Improvements Hyde Park In Design 200,000 1,375,000
Technology Traffic Signal Construction at 4 Intersections Various neighborhoods In Construction 2,888 485,000
Technology Traffic Signal Construction at 4 Locations Various neighborhoods In Design 1,000,000 1,350,000
Technology Traffic Signals Citywide Annual Program 2,500,000 12,500,000
Technology Traffic Signals at 9 Locations Various neighborhoods In Design 11,416 3,487,107
Transportation 300 Frontage Road Improvements South Boston In Design 400,000 463,807
Transportation Accessible Pedestrian Signals Citywide Annual Program 250,000 1,831,088
Transportation Bowdoin Street/Geneva Avenue Study Dorchester To Be Scheduled 50,000 100,000
Transportation BTD Tow Lot Facility South Boston In Construction 0 3,800,000
Transportation Centre Street / South Street Jamaica Plain In Design 0 400,000
Transportation Crosswalk and Lane Marking Revitalization Citywide In Construction 2,640,000 4,650,000
Transportation Fenway Longwood Kenmore Improvements Fenway/Kenmore In Construction 475,074 7,987,722
Transportation Melnea Cass Boulevard Roxbury In Design 350,000 27,640,000
Transportation Municipal Parking Lots Citywide Annual Program 300,000 2,856,226
Transportation Operations Center at 12 Channel Street South Boston New Project 175,000 2,500,000
Transportation South Bay Harbor Trail South End In Design 96,505 4,233,000
Transportation Strategic Bicycle Network Project Citywide Annual Program 1,250,000 4,850,000
Transportation Transportation Planning Citywide Annual Program 300,000 2,898,849
Transportation Vision Zero Various neighborhoods Annual Program 3,900,000 18,922,192
Transportation Warren Street and Blue Hill Avenue Roxbury In Design 572,165 3,343,974
Department total 16,173,048 115,073,965