Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019

Last updated: 4/11/18

Public Safety

Initiatives to support infrastructure and equipment utilized by Boston's first responders.

As part of the Imagine Boston 2030 initiative to reduce cancer risks for firefighters, the Capital Plan includes health and safety improvements to firehouse projects. The Fire Department, in conjunction with the Public Facilities Department, studied best practices for firehouse design and will now utilize an enhanced set of building programs for new and renovated firehouses. Key changes include separating areas of the firehouse to prevent contamination of living areas, and improves personal and gear cleaning facilities. The new stations for Engine 42 and Engine 17 will be among the first firehouses in the nation to reflect these enhancements. The City is also renovating neighborhood existing fire and police stations. In East Boston, construction is expected to begin on a new police station, a $29.9 million project that will replace the existing A-7 station.

In 2016, the City launched an accelerated fire apparatus replacement plan, which will replace nearly 50 percent of the fleet by the end of 2019. In FY17, the department purchased 16 new fire trucks to replace a series of apparatus with known mechanical issues and improve public safety by increasing the number of apparatus in the reserve fleet. In FY18, the Fire Department purchased nine pumper trucks, three ladders, and one tower ladder. The plan will continue with the purchase of three pumpers, three ladder trucks, and one tower ladder in FY19.

The Police Department is upgrading and replacing its radio system to support our police officers. The project will include $56 million in operating and capital investments over four years. To research future radio needs for other public safety and civilian departments, DoIT will continue a feasibility study to determine the most cost effective and efficient way to expand and sustain the infrastructure that supports the radio systems of multiple City departments.

Public Safety - Active Projects

Department Project Location Status FY19 Projected Total
Emergency Management Emergency Operations Center N/A To Be Scheduled 50,000 1,500,000
Fire Department Engine 17 Dorchester To Be Scheduled 1,250,000 24,700,000
Fire Department Engine 33 Back Bay To Be Scheduled 0 800,000
Fire Department Engine 42 Roxbury In Design 4,454,624 23,560,000
Fire Department Engine 5 East Boston In Construction 852,524 2,175,000
Fire Department Engine 50 Charlestown In Construction 2,000,000 3,810,000
Fire Department Fire Equipment FY19 Citywide Annual Program 4,950,000 4,950,000
Fire Department Fire Equipment FY20-FY23 Citywide Annual Program 0 11,731,000
Fire Department Roof and Masonry Repairs at Engine 4, 14 and 55 Various neighborhoods In Construction 710,000 1,600,000
Neighborhood Development Security Cameras at BHA Various neighborhoods New Project 750,000 1,500,000
Police Department Area A-1 and Area D-4 Stations Various neighborhoods In Design 2,300,000 2,500,000
Police Department Area B-3 Roof Replacement Mattapan In Design 485,000 560,000
Police Department Area D-14 Station Allston/Brighton In Design 310,000 360,000
Police Department Area E-5 Roof Replacement West Roxbury In Design 450,000 500,000
Police Department Area E-5 Station West Roxbury In Design 560,000 714,000
Police Department Communications Infrastructure Upgrades Citywide Implementation Underway 13,600,000 48,000,000
Police Department East Boston Police Station East Boston In Design 5,500,000 29,900,000
Police Department Emergency 9-1-1 Backup Study Various neighborhoods To Be Scheduled 50,000 50,000
Police Department Evidence/Archives/Central Supply Study N/A New Project 75,000 75,000
Police Department Police Headquarters Security Roxbury New Project 860,000 1,970,000
Police Department Records Management Replacement Citywide New Project 500,000 2,850,000
Public Health Commission EMS Training Academy N/A New Project 200,000 800,000
Public Health Commission EMS Training Academy Study N/A Study Underway 0 50,000
Category total 39,907,148 164,655,000