Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019

Last updated: 4/11/18

Property Management Department

The mission of the Property Management Department is to manage, maintain, repair and provide security for the City's municipal buildings including City Hall and Faneuil Hall; to preserve the useful life of City facilities and reduce operating costs through effective preventive maintenance measures.

Gregory Rooney, Commissioner
On-going investments in municipal structures, historic buildings and other city-owned properties ensure the City’s facilities are well-maintained and managed. Asset preservation is of the utmost importance as Fiscal Year 2019 capital investments support a number of new and ongoing initiatives across the city.

FY19 Major Initiatives

  • Early action items identified from the City Hall Master Plan will begin implementation. Projects include: a pilot program that will activate more service counters on the second floor and improve signage and wayfinding, masonry repairs on the Congress Street wall, and initial site investigation and engineering on the plaza that will support planned renovations to the North Plaza.
  • An upgrade to the elevator, boiler and chiller at Faneuil Hall will be completed.
  • Repairs at Faneuil Hall that include preservation of brownstone, and repairs to historic doors and window will continue.
  • Energy efficiency projects, including an upgrade of the HVAC system will proceed at City Hall.

Property Management Department - Active Projects

Category Project Location Status FY19 Projected Total
Arts & Culture Archives Preservation Needs West Roxbury Study Underway 400,000 1,575,000
Energy & Environment Faneuil Hall Government Center/Faneuil Hall In Design 1,649,500 1,950,000
Government Effectiveness 201 Rivermoor Generator West Roxbury New Project 0 600,000
Government Effectiveness 26 Court Street Financial District/Downtown In Design 5,265,000 28,245,558
Government Effectiveness City Hall and City Hall Plaza Government Center/Faneuil Hall Ongoing Program 9,000,000 60,300,000
Government Effectiveness Family Justice Center Elevator Allston/Brighton To Be Scheduled 60,000 350,500
Government Effectiveness Faneuil Hall HVAC Government Center/Faneuil Hall In Construction 285,000 4,655,000
Open Space East Eagle Street Shoreline East Boston To Be Scheduled 0 270,000
Department total 16,659,500 97,946,058