Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019

Last updated: 4/11/18

Parks and Recreation Department

The mission of the Parks and Recreation Department is to maintain clean, green, safe, accessible and well-programmed park land for the City's residents.

Christopher Cook, Commissioner
Boston’s parks and open spaces provide environmental, recreational, social and economic benefits to the City’s residents and visitors. The City will make a robust investment in urban signature parks projects reflecting the Walsh Administration’s priority focus in this area. Many of these investments tackle environmental justice issues and have the ability to stabilize neighborhoods. Ongoing capital investment in parks, playgrounds, and other recreational areas utilized by the City’s visitors, youth and families, help to protect and enrich a park system that is among the nation’s best.

FY19 Major Initiatives

  • Construction will begin at Noyes Playground in East Boston, Reservation Road Park in Hyde Park, Garvey Playground in Dorchester, and McConnell Playground in Dorchester.
  • Construction will also begin at the Paul Revere Mall. This project will improve accessibility, repair the fountain, restore the plaques, planters, brick walls and paving, and will improve drainage.
  • The Franklin Park Pathways Improvement project which will improve park access and expand recreation for park users will be completed this year.
  • Funding for Phase 2 improvements at Harambee Park and Smith Playground are added in this year’s capital plan.
  • Begin construction of the 45 acre Harambee Park with field renovations, pedestrian pathways and envirnonmental improvements.
  • The pathways around Jamaica Pond will be repaved this year.
  • Construction will be completed this fall at the new Martin Richard Park in South Boston.
  • Begin construction of major park renovation projects at Smith Playground in Allston.
  • Begin design for projects at Ryan Playground in Charlestown, Mary Hannon Playground in Roxbury, and Reservation Road Park in Hyde Park.

Parks and Recreation Department - Active Projects

Category Project Location Status FY19 Projected Total
Open Space Amatucci Playground Hyde Park New Project 60,000 500,000
Open Space Back Bay Fens Westland Avenue Entrance Fenway/Kenmore In Design 700,000 1,069,985
Open Space Beauford Playground Roxbury New Project 50,000 450,000
Open Space Boston Common Master Plan Beacon Hill New Project 100,000 500,000
Open Space Boston Common Tadpole Play Lot Beacon Hill In Design 0 150,000
Open Space Boston Common Utility Study Beacon Hill In Design 7,100 100,000
Open Space Bussey Brook Wall Jamaica Plain In Design 500,000 600,000
Open Space Cassidy Field Allston/Brighton In Design 1,000,000 4,415,000
Open Space Cassidy Field House Allston/Brighton In Design 1,500,000 2,752,000
Open Space Christopher Columbus Park North End In Design 200,000 260,000
Open Space Court Renovations Citywide Annual Program 750,000 8,767,444
Open Space Dewitt Playground Roxbury In Design 150,000 1,780,000
Open Space Doherty-Gibson Playground Dorchester To Be Scheduled 100,000 1,120,000
Open Space Dorchester Park Dorchester New Project 60,000 500,000
Open Space Downer Avenue Park Dorchester In Design 600,000 1,150,000
Open Space Dudley Town Common Roxbury To Be Scheduled 0 972,000
Open Space Edwards Playground Charlestown In Design 500,000 1,400,000
Open Space Field Lights at Various Parks Various neighborhoods New Project 350,000 2,700,000
Open Space Flaherty Park South Boston In Design 250,000 715,000
Open Space Franklin Park Master Plan Various neighborhoods New Project 100,000 800,000
Open Space Franklin Park Master Plan Update Roxbury Study Underway 15,000 75,000
Open Space Franklin Park Pathway Improvements Various neighborhoods In Construction 2,000,000 5,000,000
Open Space Frog Pond Beacon Hill In Design 100,800 150,000
Open Space Frog Pond Master Plan Study Beacon Hill In Design 75,000 150,000
Open Space Garvey Playground Dorchester In Design 861,544 5,000,000
Open Space General Parks Improvements Citywide Annual Program 750,000 5,941,515
Open Space George Wright Clubhouse Phase 2 Hyde Park In Design 1,250,000 1,400,000
Open Space George Wright Clubhouse Study Hyde Park Study Underway 70,000 120,000
Open Space George Wright Golf Course Hyde Park Annual Program 200,000 2,931,698
Open Space Green Infrastructure Plan Citywide In Design 33,567 100,000
Open Space Harambee Park Master Plan Implementation Dorchester In Construction 1,750,000 2,700,000
Open Space Harambee Park Phase 2 Dorchester New Project 300,000 3,500,000
Open Space Historic Cemeteries Citywide Annual Program 140,000 2,384,117
Open Space Hobart Playground Allston/Brighton New Project 15,000 150,000
Open Space Holborn Street Playground Roxbury New Project 50,000 400,000
Open Space Jamaica Pond Dock Rehabilitation Jamaica Plain In Design 0 210,000
Open Space Jamaica Pond Pathways and Perimeter Improvements Jamaica Plain In Design 3,650,000 4,770,000
Open Space Justice Gourdin Veterans' Memorial Park Roxbury In Design 200,000 930,000
Open Space Kelleher Rose Garden Fenway/Kenmore In Construction 20,000 250,000
Open Space Lambert Avenue Playground Roxbury New Project 60,000 500,000
Open Space Langone Park and Puopolo Playground North End In Design 750,000 6,160,000
Open Space Liberty Tree Plaza Chinatown In Construction 42,259 1,187,086
Open Space Martin's Park South Boston In Construction 0 7,000,000
Open Space Mary Hannon Playground Phase II Roxbury In Design 653,000 896,000
Open Space McConnell Playground Dorchester In Design 1,261,700 3,790,000
Open Space Moakley Park Master Plan South Boston In Design 90,000 180,000
Open Space Mt. Hope Street Parcel Roslindale In Construction 10,000 60,000
Open Space Muddy River Fenway/Kenmore In Design 610,000 89,305,642
Open Space Noyes Park East Boston In Design 2,110,000 4,770,000
Open Space Odom Serenity Garden Dorchester In Design 0 550,000
Open Space Olmsted Park Landscape Restoration Jamaica Plain In Design 16,660 679,000
Open Space Orton Field South Boston New Project 50,000 510,000
Open Space Parcel Priority Plan Citywide To Be Scheduled 45,000 90,000
Open Space Park Planning Studies Citywide Annual Program 50,000 332,383
Open Space Parkman Playground Roslindale In Design 750,000 1,740,000
Open Space Paul Revere Mall North End In Design 500,000 2,931,476
Open Space Peter's Park South End In Design 0 370,000
Open Space Public Garden Lagoon Beacon Hill In Design 100,000 1,085,428
Open Space Ramsay Park South End In Construction 1,500,000 2,395,500
Open Space Reservation Road Park Hyde Park In Design 1,200,000 4,630,000
Open Space Ringer Park Master Plan Allston/Brighton New Project 0 75,000
Open Space Robert G. Shaw/Fifty-Fourth Regiment Memorial Beacon Hill New Project 500,000 3,000,000
Open Space Ross Playground Hyde Park In Construction 24,600 1,220,000
Open Space Sherrin Woods Urban Wild Hyde Park In Construction 500,000 600,000
Open Space Smith Playground Allston/Brighton In Construction 2,200,000 6,285,000
Open Space Smith Playground Phase 2 Allston/Brighton New Project 100,000 2,480,000
Open Space South End Library Park South End In Design 0 225,000
Open Space Stonehill Playground Hyde Park New Project 60,000 500,000
Open Space Street Tree Planting Citywide Annual Program 700,000 8,397,943
Open Space Thetford Evans Playground Dorchester New Project 60,000 500,000
Open Space Titus Sparrow Park South End To Be Scheduled 0 1,980,000
Open Space Urban Wilds Renovations Citywide Annual Program 352,000 3,562,589
Open Space Walker Playground Mattapan New Project 60,000 600,000
Open Space William Devine Clubhouse Roof Replacement Roxbury To Be Scheduled 1,529,362 1,679,362
Open Space William Devine Golf Course Roxbury Annual Program 200,000 2,960,065
Department total 34,542,592 230,091,233