Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019

Last updated: 4/11/18

Environment Department

The mission of the Environment Department is to enhance the quality of life in Boston by protecting air, water, climate and land resources, and by preserving and improving the integrity of Boston's architectural and historic resources.

Carl Spector, Commissioner
The City will expand on recent success in retrofitting facilities to reduce energy consumption by launching projects under the Renew Boston Trust program. The Renew Boston Trust program aims to reduce energy consumption at City facilities and achieve annual savings to support the initial investment in energy efficiency projects. The City will continue to address the need for protection against climate change through ongoing planning and implementation of targeted capital investments.

FY19 Major Initiatives

  • Construction is expected to begin on the first round of self-financing energy efficiency projects in City buildings under the Renew Boston Trust program. The goal of the program is to reduce carbon emissions and achieve energy savings.
  • Continuation and expansion of Climate Ready Boston, a city-wide initiative to enhance resiliency to future sea-level rise, higher temperatures, and more intense precipitation caused by global climate change. Early action items include purchasing a deployable flood wall in the East Boston Greenway and incorporating a plan to elevate Main Street in Charlestown into the Sullivan Square/Rutherford Avenue project.
  • Improve energy management and increase efficiency in City buildings through targeted capital design processes and building assignments.

Environment Department - Active Projects

Category Project Location Status FY19 Projected Total
Energy & Environment Climate Ready Boston Citywide Study Underway 286,500 1,700,000
Energy & Environment Climate Ready Boston Harbor Study N/A New Project 250,000 5,000,000
Energy & Environment Climate Ready Boston Phase 2 Citywide New Project 50,000 600,000
Energy & Environment Energy Efficiency Design Services Citywide Annual Program 177,800 325,000
Energy & Environment Renew Boston Trust Citywide Implementation Underway 7,200,000 12,000,000
Energy & Environment Renew Boston Trust Phase 2 Citywide New Project 100,000 42,000,000
Department total 8,064,300 61,625,000