Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019

Last updated: 4/11/18


Initiatives to strengthen education, job training, and career connections.

Mayor Walsh announced a $1 billion investment to modernize Boston's public school infrastructure, and the BuildBPS plan will guide that process. Through a dedication of City capital funds and a strong working relationship with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA), the plan will more than double the capital spending on BPS facilities over the next decade. The FY19-23 capital plan will invest $415 million in City Capital funds in BPS projects, as part of an overall commitment to provide $730 million over the ten year life of BuildBPS. Mayor Walsh’s FY19-23 Capital Plan implements early action BuildBPS initiatives and reserves funding for projects identified by the BuildBPS engagement process.

The $13 million BuildBPS 21st Century Schools Fund will provide schools with 21st century tools, including new technology and comfortable, movable furniture. This initiative promotes learner-centric programs, benefits professional development, and provides greater flexibility in both current and future learning spaces. BPS created a menu of 21st century packages that schools selected from, based on their specific needs. BPS will work with school leaders to complete these upgrades by the time school opens in September.

Boston has also successfully ramped up its efforts to leverage MSBA Accelerated Repair Program (ARP) dollars to provide much needed improvements to its schools. This summer, construction will be underway at five schools to replace four boilers and install one new roof. An additional school will have new windows installed during summer 2019. Altogether, these projects represent an investment totaling $13.8 million with $9.0 million supported by a grant from the MSBA. The Mayor’s Capital Plan sets aside an additional $26.7 million over five years to position Boston to further leverage MSBA ARP dollars in the future.

This Capital Plan allows Boston to invest in BPS projects already in the pipeline:

  • The $73 million Dearborn STEM Academy will open for students in September 2018. The project, which leverages a projected $37 million match from the MSBA, is designed based upon a project-based learning curriculum, with an emphasis on STEM education.
  • Over the next year, the $18.5 million renovation of the Eliot School at 585 Commercial Street will be completed.
  • BPS is partnering with the Shah Family Foundation to provide 25 new schools with full-service kitchens. This is the first phase in a multi-year kitchen renovation program. The investment will close food security gaps that prevent many children from learning to their full potential.
  • Construction will begin this fall on the new $124.8 million Boston Arts Academy project. The MSBA has committed a maximum project grant totaling $48.9 million.
  • The capital plan provides for Boston’s matching investment in the Josiah Quincy Upper School (JQUS) and the Carter School. Programming and planning on both projects continues in FY19.
  • BPS will increase its investment in school security to a total of $5 million. The project includes upgrades to external and internal doors, locks and key cards, and cameras.

Education - Active Projects

Department Project Location Status FY19 Projected Total
Boston Public Schools Access Improvements at Henderson Inclusion Upper School Phase II Dorchester In Construction 1,970,172 4,075,000
Boston Public Schools Accreditation Improvements at Various Schools Various neighborhoods Annual Program 450,000 2,800,000
Boston Public Schools Boston Arts Academy Fenway/Kenmore In Design 23,741,333 124,755,412
Boston Public Schools Brighton High School Locker Rooms Allston/Brighton New Project 280,000 2,800,000
Boston Public Schools BuildBPS: Capital Maintenance Citywide Annual Program 1,050,000 16,546,742
Boston Public Schools BuildBPS: MSBA ARP Reserve Citywide Annual Program 362,766 64,229,699
Boston Public Schools BuildBPS: Reserve for Future Projects Citywide Annual Program 15,600,000 135,303,970
Boston Public Schools BuilldBPS: 21st Century Schools Fund Citywide In Design 13,000,000 13,000,000
Boston Public Schools Carter School South End To Be Scheduled 800,000 1,600,000
Boston Public Schools Curley K-8 School Jamaica Plain New Project 84,000 840,000
Boston Public Schools Dearborn 6-12 STEM / Early College Academy Roxbury In Construction 1,000,000 73,498,295
Boston Public Schools Edwards Roof Charlestown New Project 66,150 661,500
Boston Public Schools Electrical Improvements at 4 Schools Various neighborhoods New Project 121,240 1,289,400
Boston Public Schools Eliot School at 585 Commercial Street North End In Construction 10,406,000 35,600,000
Boston Public Schools Fire Alarm Improvements at 4 Schools Various neighborhoods New Project 125,000 1,200,000
Boston Public Schools Henderson Inclusion Lower School Windows Dorchester New Project 135,000 1,350,000
Boston Public Schools Horace Mann / Jackson Mann School Windows Allston/Brighton New Project 735,614 7,356,140
Boston Public Schools Josiah Quincy Upper School Chinatown New Project 250,000 1,200,000
Boston Public Schools Madison Park Complex Building #4 Locker Rooms Roxbury To Be Scheduled 480,000 6,300,450
Boston Public Schools Madison Park VTHS Building 4 Roof Roxbury New Project 261,450 2,614,500
Boston Public Schools My Way Cafe Kitchen Program Various neighborhoods New Project 3,000,000 3,000,000
Boston Public Schools Roof or Boiler Replacements at 5 Schools Various neighborhoods In Construction 0 9,802,181
Boston Public Schools Roof or Boiler Replacements at 6 Schools Various neighborhoods In Construction 8,886,161 14,915,465
Boston Public Schools School Yard Improvements Citywide Annual Program 150,000 6,517,000
Boston Public Schools School Yard Improvements at Sumner School Roslindale In Design 782,000 1,077,000
Boston Public Schools Security Related Improvements at Various Schools Citywide In Construction 2,916,500 5,000,000
Boston Public Schools Technology Infrastructure II Citywide Annual Program 4,000,000 24,000,000
Boston Public Schools Window Replacements at 7 Schools Various neighborhoods In Construction 0 29,943,163
Category total 90,653,386 591,275,917