Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019

Last updated: 4/11/18


Initiatives to improve economic mobility and strengthen Boston’s core and emerging industries and small businesses.

As a $2.4 billion investment in the City’s assets, the Capital Plan supports economic growth in Boston by creating construction jobs and investing in infrastructure that unlocks economic activity. The Capital Plan also supports targeted investments to strengthen Boston’s core and small businesses, as called for in Imagine Boston 2030. For example, roadway improvements in the Dudley Square Main Street district, with geometric changes, new traffic signal equipment and timing, bike lanes, and streetscape improvements, will improve access and safety. This project also begins implementation of the Go Boston 2030 goal to make public realm improvements in every Main Streets district in Boston by 2030.

The City will also collaborate with developers to improve roads and sidewalks along Harrison Avenue between East Berkeley Street and Herald Street. These infrastructure improvements are critical to economic development activity along the corridor with the recent development of Ink Block, which includes 471 housing units.

Economy - Active Projects

Department Project Location Status FY19 Projected Total
Boston Planning and Development Agency RFMP Dry-dock 4 South Boston To Be Scheduled 0 250,000
Boston Planning and Development Agency RFMP Pier 6 South Boston To Be Scheduled 0 400,000
Public Works Department Harrison Avenue Improvements South End In Design 100,000 2,215,000
Public Works Department Washington Street / Traveler Street South End In Design 200,000 1,750,000
Transportation Department Dudley Street Roxbury In Design 1,600,000 9,000,000
Category total 1,900,000 13,615,000