Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019

Last updated: 4/11/18

Department of Innovation and Technology

The Department of Innovation and Technology is the City’s enterprise wide technology services organization providing solutions that enable our business partners across all City departments. DoIT’s primary day-to-day responsibility is to ensure that the networks, desktop computers, e-mail systems, and applications that support the business of City government are continuously available and operating effectively. DoIT embraces its responsibility to help manage costs through difficult financial times by continuously improving the cost structure of the City’s technology without compromising service. Our commitment to being environmentally responsible is often synergistic with these economic and service responsibilities.

Patricia Boyle-McKenna, Interim Chief Information Officer
Capital investment in technology enables the City to work more efficiently at a lower cost; to be more responsive to citizens; and to provide convenience for Boston’s residents, businesses and visitors. Ongoing and new initiatives will build upon this progress, ensuring the City remains competitive and coordinated in computer information and communication technology.

FY19 Major Initiatives

  • Expansion of the City’s fiber optic network (BoNet) will continue in FY19. The fiber network will connect additional Boston Public School buildings.
  • DoIT will continue a feasibility study to determine a cost effective and efficient way to expand and sustain the infrastructure that supports multiple City radio systems.
  • In Enterprise Applications, DoIT will continue developing Constituent Relations Management tools such as 311 and expand to more departments.
  • In Digital Service Delivery and Engagement, DoIT will continue modernization of multiple digital tools and public applications to improve user experience engaging with the city online.
  • Begin procurement of IT solutions identified in an innovative proposal and evaluation process that will support various City departments, including Boston Centers for Youth and Families, Boston Fire Department, Neighborhood Development, and Public Works.

Department of Innovation and Technology - Active Projects

Category Project Location Status FY19 Projected Total
Technology City-wide Radio System Study Citywide To Be Scheduled 300,000 425,000
Technology Computer Aided Dispatch Citywide Implementation Underway 0 16,282,834
Technology Core Technology Infrastructure Citywide Annual Program 1,135,000 8,669,773
Technology Cyber Security and Resiliency Various neighborhoods Annual Program 700,000 6,658,049
Technology Data Analytics N/A Annual Program 1,200,000 6,631,165
Technology Digital Service Delivery and Engagement Various neighborhoods Annual Program 1,100,000 9,411,905
Technology Enterprise Applications N/A Annual Program 5,788,000 32,372,542
Technology Fiber Network Expansion Various neighborhoods Implementation Underway 6,200,000 13,020,523
Technology IT Investment Proposals N/A New Project 3,664,741 3,664,741
Technology Reserve for Future DoIT Projects N/A New Project 0 9,676,390
Technology Tax Billing and Collecting System N/A Implementation Underway 0 2,901,165
Department total 20,087,741 109,714,087